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Wizard World, company organizing Comic Con’s across the US, came to Kremsa Digital with one goal: increase their online sales and maximize their ROI.
Wizard World had no central marketing solution, no way to track campaigns across different channels (Paid, Earned and Owned), and no easy way to learn and apply the knowledge gained from past campaigns towards optimizing new ones..



Kremsa leveraged its paid and performance marketing expertice along with proprietory technology (Star Social CRM) to achieve the following:
  • Reliably collect user, sales and marketing data
  • Leverage this data to maximize volume and ROI
  • Integrate various web properties to support primary goals
  • Last but definitely not the least - Increase revenue!


  • Sustained increase in Wizard Con ticket sales
  • Increased exposure for the brand on web and mobile
  • Increased engagement with it’s customer base
  • Expanded by partnering with the leading global affiliate networks
  • Implemented remarketing to capture and convert lost audiences
  • Achieved ROI as high as 2000%
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