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Fla-Vor-Ice, America’s #1 Freezer Pop, is only in distribution during the summer months.  As such, the company tasked us with one simple goal: Create an innovative summer Facebook campaign that would quickly amplify brand awareness and grow its fan base to help boost sales for their brief summer selling season.

As part of the ongoing social marketing for the brand,  we created the “Friends Wanted” campaign which applied the same principles that inspire people to play games –points, stats, leaderboards and rewards - to motivate campaign entrants to amplify brand reach by generating word-of-mouth buzz, as well as deepen fan engagement and drive conversions.
  • For each day of the month-long campaign, entrants earned points  for inviting their friends to play. The daily entrant who brought the most friends in a day won the Daily Contest Prize
  • Each entrant was also automatically entered into the Grand Prize Sweepstakes random draw
  • Daily entrants also received an additional entry into the Grand Prize Sweepstakes for each new friend they brought to the campaign
  • Daily earned points stats were displayed with each game play to motivate fan sharing
  • Leaderboards were used  to communicate standings and further drive participation
  • A unique embeddable tracking URL was provided to fans to facilitate sharing across additional platforms such as twitter and blogs
  • Each entrant’s performance on driving campaign reach, engagement and conversions was tracked so the top social influencers who had the greatest impact could be identified

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