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HBO was in need of an online social component to help raise awareness about their new edgy comedy. The marketing campaign already included traditional avenues such as billboards, print ads, and bus shelter ads.  

KREMSA was tickled to handle the social arm of this robust campaign. We created a hilarious viral application which allowed people to find out their personal fetish. Once the fetish was declared, there were many viral elements to share your secret with the rest of the community. We were able to extend the application to people's inbox as well as individuals walls. Accomplishing this extension took a deep knowledge of the Facebook API, and we worked directly with Facebook to allow our domain to stream videos within their framework.
The client was able to get tens of thousands of users to engage with the comedy fetish finder application, and thousands more were able to view the video right from their homepage. We created fantastic brand awareness via the video and application…..what can we say? People like funny stuff."

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